Monday, December 8, 2008

Classroom Management Philosophy

The following is an excerpt from my Classroom Management Philosophy.

· I will promote an atmosphere of respect and tolerance. I believe when teachers show respect for their students, it creates an atmosphere of respect that transitions to how students treat each other and themselves.

· I aim to not just teach, but to support, to guide, to promote learning, and to develop personal relationships with my students. Developing such relationships is one of the most important reasons for why I am an educator.

· While I aim to be a strict teacher, I also aim to be a friendly teacher. I want my students to know I like them and that my intent is for them to succeed.

· When students identify that I have respect for them, the classroom is much more manageable. When they understand they have a supportive relationship with me they will learn to respect me and the rules we create together in the classroom.

· I believe students should be a part of the rule-making process. When students are a part of this process, they hold themselves accountable by these rules.

· I believe students learn best from each other and from themselves. I don’t want to tell students what is right and what is wrong, but help them to understand how to make their writing and reading skills better in a way that encourages them to learn. Students become aware of the best way to do things for themselves in this way. Furthermore, I stress that group work is important because students not only learn about the subject we study from each other, but they learn about respect, cooperation, management, and teamwork.

· My classroom environment will be one of motivation and encouragement. I plan to encourage my students by rewarding their positive behavior in a number of ways, including prizes, special assignments, extra credit assignments, winks, nods, smiles, and encouraging words. I will also punish negative behavior, but only after discussing it with the student.

· Students will have the opportunity to turn in late work. Points will be taken off, but I would rather have my students do the work and learn from it, then not do it and have their grade suffer.

· I will regularly survey my students and inquire about what they like about class, what they don’t like, and any other suggestions or issues they may have.

· I believe it is extremely important to understand what a student’s life is like outside the classroom. When we understand their real-life experiences, we understand what they bring to the classroom better. In order to better understand this, I intend to create and continue an open dialogue with parents throughout the school year. One of the ways I’ll establish this open line of communication from the first day of school is a much updated classroom blog.

· Students in my classroom will be held responsible for their own behavior. When students misbehave or act inappropriately they will be called on it. There is no room for disrespect in my classroom.

· My hope is for students to realize that while in my classroom there is no need to act inappropriately to receive attention. My students will always have my full attention when they act in positive ways and contribute productively to the overall learning environment.

The entirety of this document may be viewed below:

Revised Classroom Management Plan

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