Monday, December 8, 2008

Sample Lesson Plan: Romeo and Juliet

The following is a PowerPoint presentation I created for the first day of my month-long Romeo and Juliet unit. The layout of the presentation is a bit different, as some formatting doesn't translate from PowerPoint to this uploaded version.

Shakespeare’s Words, New Words and Your Words

Before viewing this presentation as a lecture in class, I asked students to write a quick warm-up response regarding their thoughts on the evolution of language. Students were asked, "We know language is different now than it was in Shakespeare's days. Why do you think language evolves?" After a class discussion on student responses, students filled out a KWL chart about Shakespeare and Romeo and Juliet. Next, we went through the above PowerPoint presentation together, before students began working on their homework assignment: creating 10 new words, identifying the part of speech for each word, and writing a definition for each word. During the following class period, students were asked to share their words aloud.

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