Monday, December 8, 2008

Student Letters

On the final days of English classes at Benson, I asked students to fill out a survey about my teaching, and I handed out goodbye letters I wrote to each student. Additionally, I asked each student to write a letter back to me. The following excerpts came from those letters:

"...thank you for being my teacher. The innovative way you used slide shows to explain a subject was very helpful to my learning experience."

"... you inspired me to do better. I took all of what you said to heart because it is important to stay focused, and you have helped me. I am going to keep coming to class and doing my owkr to be prepared for college."

"You are a great teacher, and I'm sure all of your future students will love you and your teaching. You were really nice and encouraging."

"You have been a role model, a young successful woman, making differences and changing much of the 'young adults' at Benson."

"Your letter was so touching. Thank you for having faith in me being successful."

"Every year I've been in the back of the room in class. I feel invisible to the teacher. None of my other teachers made me feel as smart as I actually am. Thank you so much for acknowledging me."

"It was so cool to have you as a teacher. You made this class fun."

"You made it so much easier for me in this English class. I'm going to miss you... I hope that your students appreciate the great teacher that you are."

"I want to thank you for all the things that you have done for me. Also all the confidence that you gave me about my work."

"Thank you for being supportive... You have been cool to me, and when you help me I could really get what you were saying, and that does not happen a lot."

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